Stay a while, if you please.

A jackalope is a fictional animal, a cross of realities. If you're not so real either, welcome.

This is my slice of the global collective hallucination called the "internet." I use it to broadcast my writings, occult/weird studies, and other effluvia from my idiosyncratic hobbies, mostly in the hope that others may find something good or true in them (somehow).

Like many of the weirdos (affectionate) who make personal websites on neocities, it's my feeling that the web has become too sanitized, normal and boring. So this is my weird garden where I try to cultivate the vibes I want to see in the Wired. Take a look around, & let me know if any of it resonates. This site was just created a short while ago, so understand that it's still under construction.

Bootup screen

📬 Fictions is where I store my various short stories & poems I enjoy writing. I tend to write science fiction / magical realism about shifts in morphology, the line between reality and simulation, and so on.

📼 Programs (under construction!) is a place for little scripts & servitors I write which might be of interest to the general public. One of the goals of my online life is to find some way of merging fiction and programming, so watch this space!

🔮 Widgets (under construction!) is a drawer for all the fun & silly stuff you can put on websites.

📡 Thoughts is exactly what it sounds like, it's my blog for long posts, as opposed to my more micro thoughts on tumblr.

💾 And Oddities is a cabinet of things I've found to be enjoyable experiences, whether they're on the web or a meatspace activity

You could also follow me over on Tumblr and Letterboxd if you wish. You can get a sneak preview of my posts on those sites down below!